Helping Bob with the House, in Frankfort

On Saturday, I trekked down to Frankfort to hang out with Bob, and to help a bit with the house. There was a part of the roof/balcony that he was going to shingle, and I was along to lend a hand (and learn a bit in the process).

As the morning wore on, he realized that our combined efforts would be better served if we tackled the barn/garage as a team. So we shifted our focus, and stated to clear out a lot of wood and tools, helping to open up one side into a more walkable area.

We moved a lot of things around, threw out a ton, and also got some heavier items shifted up to the attic and down to the basement. All in all, a pretty productive day. Though the garage is still full with things, it’s markedly more organized and you can walk through it and access more than before.

We also got to posting a few items on Craigslist as well, including this rather sweet Desk O Matic drafting table.

Working with Bob: Frankfort
Woodworking with Bob: the Mortise and Tenon Joint

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