Kutiman: Thru Tokyo

For those not familiar with Kutiman, do yourself a favor, and check out his Thru-you series – in particular, the one titled Mother of all Funk Chords (a mash-up video created by sampling a whole host of individual YouTube clips to great effect).

I found out this weekend that Kutiman has a new video, entitled Thru Tokyo. Created for PBS Digital Studios, this video delights both eyes and ears.

I love that PBS is doing more things like this, and reaching out to artists doing great/creative things online. I know they hired melodysheep (who garnered a lot of attention for their excellent autotuned “We Are All Connected” video) to do a series of remixes, featuring classic PBS icons.

More like this, please.

[via MetaFilter]

Thru-You: Fantastic Collection of YouTube Music Video Mashups by Kutiman
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