A Day With Bob at the New House

Had an early morning, and met Bob and the our new house in Hyde Park. We spent the morning hanging out in the living room and mostly just talking. We chatted about the work ahead with the house, and trying to work things out with our respective schedules.

While we both have full time jobs, Bob’s work involves a great deal of physical labor. So for him to then end his work day and help us with our home is an awful lot. I expressed my concerns regarding his time, voiced some of my fears, and we both compared our notes. Overall, it was a great talk – and I feel even luckier that we have someone with Bob’s expertise (and generosity) to help us out. It’s no small thing to say that without Bob’s experience and help, there’s no way we would have been able to purchase this home.

I arrived at the house a little after 7AM, and the next thing I knew… it was close to 1PM. I don’t know how, but we had spent around 6 hours just talking, walking room to room, making notes and discussing various options. We kind of visually deconstructed several aspects of the house, and I started to see more things I hadn’t noticed before – finding myself able to spot things that were original to the house, to things that were added at a later time.

We covered so much ground, and so many topics… it was pretty amazing. The time just kind of flew by. And I have to say, I found myself moving around the house with greater ease, with a greater quickness. I was reaching for light switches a little easier, navigating the basement stairs a little faster. It felt like I was, ever so slowly, getting to know the house more.

And seeing the house during the day was a whole different experience. Every time I saw sunlight breaking through the windows, I found myself looking forward to moving in that much more.

Around 1PM, we headed out to Aunt Cathy’s house in Lemont to troubleshoot a mysterious heat/AC issue there. On our way, we stopped off at Nick’s Tavern for some beer and burgers, and had a relaxing lunch there. After that, we went to Frankfort to pick up some supplies.

One of our big tasks was moving this beast (a pipe threader) from the basement in Frankfort, over to the basement in our new house. The thing weighs a ton, and I came close to toppling the thing over while getting it out the door in Frankfort.

Funny story: as I was wheeling this thing to our cellar door, Bob got a call from Julie. I overheard him telling her “We’re at the house,” and when he was asked to clarify which house… he responded with “Felix’s house.” It gave me a chuckle to hear that, as those words sounded to weird to me. A few weeks ago, those two words together didn’t really refer to anything. And now they do.

All the supplies, nestled in the basement. Though we just got things transported from one place to another, I feel like tremendous progress was made today. Bob and I chatted a great deal, and I feel like I have a better handle on the large array of things that need to happen.

There’s still a lot of decisions, planning, and financial/room prioritization that needs to happen. But I’m feeling much less frantic, and feeling much better equipped to handle the weeks to come. It’s a lot of work (probably more than I realize), but I’m genuinely excited. This place is going to look fantastic.

Helping Bob with the House, in Frankfort
Installing a New Furnace with Bob (and Bob)

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