Home Depot Days

Spent Friday night with Liz, roaming the aisles of Home Depot. As many have told us, I’m expecting this to become our new favorite store.

Although, given that we’re spending around $100 per trip… supplies really add up! We’re trying to be conscious of what all we purchase, as it seems like 10 small trips could easily see us spending $1,000. It’s crazy how quickly everything adds up.

Tonight’s supply run included a lot of cleaning-related materials. We’re tackling the house with Julie and Bob this weekend, and there’s a good deal of trash (in the attic) that needs to get thrown out. So on a Friday night, I’m taking Liz out to buy trash cans and construction-grade trash bags. Can I show a girl a good time, or what?

Lost in Translation: Home Depot Edition
Dear Home Depot

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