An Illusionist in Skyrim: Player Attempts to Finish Game With No Weapons or Armor, Using Nothing But Illusion Spells

An Illusionist in Skyrim is the attempt by Tom Francis to play the video game Skyrim using a character whose only skill is Illusion. He wears no armor, wields no weapons, and basically can’t directly attack anyone or anything in the game. All he’s got are illusion class spells.

He’s been documenting his experience, and it’s just hilarious. I’ve played Skyrim before (never finished), but you don’t need to know much about the game other than it’s a massive world, and kind of has a Dungeons and Dragons feel – there are lots of warriors and mages, small villages, monsters big and small, and your job is to journey from quest to quest.

Francis covers the basics of the plot in his recaps, but it’s his strategy that’s just a ton of fun to read. Since he can’t attack anyone directly, he uses other characters in the game, having them fight one another for him. He has a Fury spell which causes its target to become enraged and attack anyone nearby, which seems to have been his go-to spell of choice.

After refusing to help a woman deal with nearby bandits, Francis runs into a bear out in the woods:

Bears are nasty. I’m way, way off the beaten path the game expects you to take at this point, and a bear could munch a level 1 character like me in seconds. They’re fast, too, but of course I don’t need to outrun the bear. I need to outrun the weak, defenceless woman I just refused to help.

And just so you have a frame of reference, here is how the game is meant to be played:

I’m only halfway through the series so far, and it’s a ton of fun to read. The whole series is posted up, but I’d suggest starting with the first entry.

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