Xmas in Indy, Day 2

Christmas morning! Shane, parceling out the gifts while Jasmine and Jahnu sit, eagerly awaiting each one.

Jahn, a blur of motion.

Jasmine, with a growing pile of clothes.

This is quite possibly my favorite image from the holidays.

My dad, receiving a new drill.

Liz, bundled up on the couch with a blanket, opening her gifts.

Stacey, helping Jahnu open up a box full of Harry Potter costume props.

One of the big gifts that Stacey and Shane go the kids: their own kayaks. There was a family vacation (which Liz and I were unable to attend, as we were closing on the house) and the kids all got a taste for kayaking.

Shane hid these at my parents’ house for a few days, and had to schedule things with Stacey so that they could sneak these (very) large items in the house without them finding out. Luckily, they were very absorbed in the gift opening, and didn’t realize these large gifts were waiting for them in the other room nearby.

This doesn’t do the moment justice, but the kids were ecstatic on finding out that they got kayaks. And, of course, they instantly wanted to climb inside.

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