Setting Up a Concrete Platform for the Furnace and Water Heater

The past few visits to the house, we’ve been prepping the area for the furnace and water heater. We wanted to relocate both to an area a little more out of the way, and set them up on a concrete foundation. First step is getting the wood frames in place, for where the concrete will get poured in.

Next, Bob cut up some rebar. As was explained to me, these steel rods will be placed inside the concrete, providing extra support and re-enforcement.

I helped hold onto the rebar as it was cut, but this process was all Bob. Closeup of the process, as I found it pretty fascinating. I asked him “Does it hurt,” and he said “Not at all.”

Me, I was acting like a kid seeing sparklers for the first time – and afraid to get too close. Here’s some video of the process:

After tying the rebar together, we set it in the frame to make sure it would fit.

Next up: creating another mesh for the water heater foundation. Then, getting a bunch of concrete, mixing it up, and pouring both foundations. Believe it or not, Bob has his own cement mixer. Because… well, of course he does.

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