Demo Work, Continued

Went back to the house last night with Liz, and we both tackled a different floor. While she continued working on the woodwork in the dining room, I continued working on taking down the wall between the guest and master bedroom.

This is probably lunacy, but I ended up pounding down all the nails from each board here. I dislike nails sticking out of boards, and imagining all this in a trash bag made me think that I’d be scraping myself to death trying to carry it all down.

I told myself that this would help make stacking and transporting the wood easier, but maybe I’m just being crazy.

Lots more bags of plaster and debris. Eventually, I’ll need to drag these guys downstairs. For now though… what bags? I see nothing.

Finished the remaining top part of the wall. I wasn’t moving as quickly, mostly because I was going up towards the ceiling (and the top left overhang was cramping my style a lot).

Next up – switching to the other side!

Solo Demo Run

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