Birthday Dim Sum at Phoenix

My family came into town on Saturday, and we hung out downtown with them on Saturday night. On Sunday, we all met up in Chinatown for Dim Sum, along with Liz’s parents. We met up at Phoenix, and this was Julie and Bob’s first experience with Dim Sum (my mom spent a lot of the meal introducing various dishes to them, and making sure their plates were never empty).

It’s been a long while since I’ve had Dim Sum, and it was a real treat to have this again. I loved the fact that Bob and Julie got to experience this, especially since my parents are really excellent guides (having run their own restaurants and Dim Sum places in the past). Bob and Julie were both quite adventurous, and willing to give everything a try.

After the meal, it was still a little too cold to walk around… so we ended up heading to our house in Hyde Park. We got to give my family a tour of the place, and the work in progress. Until today, it’s only been me, Liz, Julie and Bob in the house, so it was nice to be able to have other folks walking around inside.

A nice end to a birthday weekend – lots of food, lots of family. And we had everyone touring our house, a place where we have lots of plans.

Liu Family Dim Sum
Dim Sum at Shen Yang Restaurant
Dim Sum in Chinatown, Phoenix Restaurant

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