Found Note, Untranslated

Spotted this note on a signpost, on may way home from work last week. It’s in Chinese, but that’s about as far as I can really go to decipher the thing. Click the image if you want to see a larger version.

I never really learned to read/write in Chinese, though I can mostly make my way through a conversation in Cantonese (less so in Mandarin). I recognize a few characters here and there. Words for “I” and “person,” “big” and “small.” The range of characters I know is very limited.

In an emergency situation, I am not the translator you want at your side. Mostly I would be able to confirm that we are all people, and maybe distinguish each person by height. That’s kind of my limit.

Really curious what this message says. My gut says it’s a guy looking for a date scenario where the author is 33-39 years old. But I can’t be sure.

May have to send this to my mom, and ask for her translation.

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