Found Note, Translated

My mom was pretty quick with her translation, though according to her the author wasn’t really fluent in Chinese. Which was surprising, as I just assumed it was a note written by someone who was Chinese. Below are her words, with a bit of editing from me:


An American is looking for a 33-39 years old young lady. Hometown in Chicago, age 51, Jewish, single, divorce, live at Hyde Park. Can read and type Chinese, know few languages. Has a boy, 13 years old. Have many friends, profession in Engineering and research. Don’t have much money at present time. Good to do the house work and taking care of kids. Know how to cook international food.—–(I’m guess what he said)

I’m a special American, more riding bike, less driving; more veggie less meat; more walking, reading less watching movies; more careful others; safety less careful myself; you could be a special Chinese, be nicer more than smart (guess it meant a lady he’s looking for doesn’t need too smart); plain looking less beautiful, more leisure less work; careful someone else’s kid more than yourself. Be lovely to all kinds regardless white or black.


Do you think any Chinese woman would date this guy? He’s asking too much I think.
Ha Ha…. Have fun, and have a good day. Love, Mom

Found Note, Untranslated

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  1. So… He’s looking for a younger woman to do the work of the house & take care of his kid while he takes walks and is all about leisure and oh let’s not forget he doesn’t have a lot of money?

    YES! Just what I’ve always looked for in a man – said no woman ever. LOL

    Liz Reply

    • I can’t tell whether the note is saying the speaker is good at taking care of kids, and can cook international food… or if he’s looking for someone who can take care of kids, and can cook international food.

      Trying to be optimistic, there are some nice qualities listed here. But yeah, looking for someone 10+ years younger while stating you don’t have a ton of money isn’t a great selling point. At least he’s honest?

      avoision Reply

  2. Yeah, I read it as Felix did, that he was saying he is good at doing housework and taking care of kids and he knows how to cook international food. He’s looking for a woman who is nicer than she is smart, may be plain looking rather than beautiful, likes leisure time better than work, and is careful about taking care of other people’s children. But then, check out that e-mail address! Guy Montag! Fahrenheit 451!

    Juliet Reply

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