A Balanced Diet

Last night, Liz and I trekked to Merrillville, IN, to celebrate Julie’s birthday with a surprise dinner. We left the city earlier than normal, to try to beat the rush-hour traffic, and ended up making great time. We arrived about an hour ahead of schedule, so we hit a nearby Meijer to do some shopping.

We loaded up on candy, as this will be our first year as homeowners in a neighborhood that presumably will be awash with trick-or-treaters. Not knowing how much is enough (or too much), we got about 5+ large bags of candy. Even though that’s a lot, it doesn’t seem all that much. I have no prior reference except as someone who consumes candy, so I have no idea if this will last us the night or barely last us an hour.

While we were inside the store, we also loaded up on vegetables for the rabbits. I found the sheer yin/yang of our shopping cart kind of funny, and was really curious what the cashier was thinking as she rung up our items.

The Bunny Rabbits Are Home!
Early Morning Anthropomorphism

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