The Raindrop Who Wanted to Be a Snowflake, by Patricia Holder

On Saturday, I swung down to Frankfort to help Bob with some odds and ends. We had a number of air conditioner units to relocate, a number of things to unload from his truck, and some re-organization to do in the garage. There was also a closet on the second floor that needed to get cleared out a bit.

There, among the piles of books, Bob discovered two original stories: one by Liz, and another by Tricia. Both of them were written when they were very young.

The Raindrop Who Wanted to Be a Snowflake, by Patricia Holder

The Raindrop Who Wanted to be a Snowflake

Once upon a time there was a raindrop. She lived in a big

fluffy cloud. One day she looked out and saw a pretty snowflake. She said “I want to be like them.” Then she went looking

around how to be a snowflake. All of a sudden she felt the wind was getting cold. She felt herself changing into different

designs. Then she said “Hurray! Hurray! I’m a little snowflake!”

The end

// Edit: If you’re curious to see the book that Liz wrote, you can read Chester Chickie.

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