Early Morning Adventure: Watching the Big Waves at Lake Michigan

A few weeks ago, at the start of November, we had a really strong weather system roll in to Chicago. Lots of heavy winds, and it resulted in some really crazy waves along Lake Michigan (it even closed parts of the Drive).

The next morning, we were meeting up with Bob at the house to prep the back basement for a big concrete pour, but had some time to kill in the morning. Liz was curious to check out the waves, so we ended up driving along the lakefront to a few locations. The waves weren’t quite as strong as the night before, but they were still pretty impressive. One of the first spots we visited was along Hayes Drive, in Hyde Park.

There was a small inlet, where we saw a lot of waves breaking against the shore.

While we were walking around the parking lot, we noticed the sand also acting a bit like water. Strong winds were blowing everything our way, making it somewhat difficult to walk:

Liz, looking out on the lake.

The wind was pretty cold and strong.

Liz, looking out. By now, I’m guessing you’ve noticed her lamb booties (which, I’m told, are incredibly warm).

We ended up driving a bit north, along Lake Shore Drive, and pulled over near the 39th Street Beach. There was a marathon in progress, but we ended up parking and checking out some of the waves there.

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