Christmas Day in Frankfort

After spending the morning opening presents in Indianapolis, Liz and I spent the afternoon driving to Frankfort.

We arrived around 3PM, and spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening just hanging out with Bob and Julie. We had some drinks, opened some gifts, and whiled away the time until dinner. After traveling from Chicago to Atlanta to Chicago to Frankfort to Indianapolis and back to Frankfort… we were ready for a bit of a break.

With all the lights and decorations here, coming to Frankfort always feels a bit like home. The lights are a bit warmer, the drinks a bit stronger, and the couches a little softer.

A glimpse of the butter-coated beef tenderloin, right before it was headed into the oven.

The dining room table, ready for Christmas dinner. You can’t see it, but in the background, there’s a ton of wrapping paper and opened gifts.

Bob, lighting the dinner table candles while Liz sits, ready for dinner. She was a bit cold, so she threw on a blanket for the meal.

Early Xmas in Frankfort
Christmas Day in Frankfort (2010)
Christmas Day in Frankfort (2008)

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