Attic Insulation: Supply Run

On Friday, both Liz and I had the day off. Since we were looking to add insulation to the attic this weekend, we decided to make Friday our day to get supplies.

Bob was working in the area, so he dropped off his truck during the day. We then drove it to Home Depot, where we loaded up on a few things: several rolls of attic insulation, and six sheets of plywood (for the basement).

We ended up taking two trips to Home Depot, and the whole process was a rather slow one. We spent most of the day ferrying things back and forth, moving the plywood into the kitchen and storing the insulation in the guest room.

After taking a late lunch, we opted to call it a day as we had dinner plans. So rather than start work in on the attic, we left the install part for tomorrow.

Removing Insulation, Adding Insulation

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