Adding Insulation to the Attic

On Saturday, Liz and I tackled the task of adding in new insulation in the attic. We had originally planned for just me to be up in the attic, and I’d shout down measurements to Liz (who would then cut any custom lengths we needed).

Confession: When I got up there, I kind of froze up and had a mini-freak out. One of the first areas we were going to start at had a whole host of pipes and planks of wood in the way, making for a lot of obstacles. I was trying to figure out what to do, and my brain just kind of seized up. I was concerned I’d have to take multiple measurements and patch in small bits of insulation along this area (which would have been incredibly time-consuming).

Liz ended up coming into the attic to asses, and showed me what she had learned when she was moving around pipes and things while insulating the basement walls. I didn’t know about splitting the insulation to wrap-around obstacles, and that helped put me a bit at ease.

Sometimes, when I try to think through multi-step processes, my brain just kind of seizes up. I get this weird kind of metal paralysis, and it takes me a while to get going again. This morning was an example of this.

Eventually, Liz and I changed around our workflow. Instead of one of us above and another below, we both were working in the attic space at the same time.

When we first started, we opened up each bag of insulation on the 2nd floor in Liz’s office. It was slow going, as each bag contained 8 lengths of insulation, which we walked up the ladder one by one to the attic opening.

After the first bag, we decided to try to stuff the entire thing up into the attic – and it fit, just barely. From there on out, we pushed each bag up through the small opening and opened it up in the attic.

Midway through our progress: we started with 9 bags, and had gotten through 3 already.

The start of the insulation.

Dust mask selfie.

From the end of the house, looking back East towards the attic opening.

More insulation, squared away.

We left a small walkway open, so that we’d have a space to pull in bags of insulation (and also space enough to cut). The sides are finished, but the middle is open for now.

Looking down into Liz’s office.

Looking west, from near the attic entrance.

Further back, near the chimney area. We have spots near the entrance that will be the very last things we insulate. From behind this shot is the “small area” behind the fireplace, which will require more custom sizes. Our plan is to tackle this next weekend, and hopefully finish off the attic for now.

The eventual goal will be to come back in and add yet another layer on top of this one. But one layer down is a good start for now.

It’s amazing how it all used to look up here.

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