Finishing the Kitchen Floor

Bob came by the house today, and put down the remaining boards to finish off the kitchen floor. There’s a small gap that we’re waiting on (right before the East wall), but beyond that the entire kitchen is a solid surface now!

This view (above) is looking in to the kitchen, from the dining room.

Past the chimney, looking in. Note the air compressor in the corner.

In the kitchen, looking back towards the dining room. I’ve been in the room a few times since Bob left, and it’s funny how my body still expects there to be a gap by the dining room door. I still take overly wide steps, as though there were still a space to be hopped over.

It’s amazing to me how much the full floor changes the kitchen – it’s really starting to look like a room again. Additionally, the floor will hopefully help more with the cold. The kitchen will still be a cold room, but the floor should cut down on that a little bit.

Funny story: around 11PM, I was started out of bed by the sound of buzzing. Really, really loud buzzing.

Liz was dead asleep, as she was pretty exhausted. But me, I was running in a half-daze, worried that the furnace was in the process of exploding. By the time I arrived in the dining room, my grogginess cleared enough for me to realize that the sound I was hearing was just the air compressor, recharging.

We had left it plugged in, and it was just doing what it was supposed to. I went from crisis mode to “Oh, everything’s fine” in a short period of time. After unplugging the thing, I headed back to bed. Liz never stirred.

Putting Down the Kitchen Floor
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