Last Bit of Kitchen Demo

Well, I’ve used the word “Final” one too many times when talking about the kitchen, but I really do believe this is the final, final bit of demo work we had left in the place. Liz, tackling the remaining bit of wall/plaster with a chisel.

Normally, we’d just take a demo hammer to the thing and smash away. But given that there’s a brick chimney on the other side, the chisel approach is necessary.

And here’s the finished result! There’s some patch work that was done (near the top, right) that we need to address, as it was done poorly. But overall, the chimney looks nice and clean now.

Pretty certain this is the last bit of demo work we had left here, in this room. At this point, shy of the walls and joists, there’s really not all that much left to demo.

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