First Floor Bathroom, Demo Begins

On Saturday, Liz and I spent the first part of the day working on the house. We have a running to-do list, and one of the bigger tasks is to take down all the walls in the small half bathroom, on the first floor.

At first, I was a little concerned about being able to see in this space. The light is disconnected currently, and we wanted to keep the door closed to prevent debris/dust from filtering out into the kitchen (and where the bunnies are at).

There’s a window on the south wall, but it’s mostly covered up (for privacy, as the next building is really close to ours). So with the door closed, it’s a bit dark.

A few swings later, we realized the lighting situation wouldn’t be much of an issue. The more we broke down between the bathroom and the kitchen, the brighter it got.

The south wall, mostly cleared of plaster.

Let the light shine through…

Here’s a view of the bathroom, looking in from the kitchen. The door at the opposite end is the entrance to the basement.

We didn’t get completely finished with the room, so it’ll be a two-parter. We’ve got a decent chunk of plaster to get rid off, and then clear all the wooden lathe from the walls. We’ll also be looking to grab more insulation, as once we open up the southern wall, we’ll want to fill that up as quickly as possible.

Reorganization and Final Kitchen Fixes

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