Liz, Working on the Front Yard

Liz had a day off on Friday, and I arrived home to find her working in the yard. On Julie’s advice, the yard was left untouched (to provide cover/warmth until the cold finally passed). Now that it’s warmer out, Liz wanted to give the front yard a little more attention.

In her digging, Liz came across an enormous worm.

Funny thing – one night, a week or so ago, we arrived home and parked on the street. There had been some rain earlier, prior to our arrival home. In the grassy area near the road, Liz noticed a worm at the very top of the soil. And then another. And then another.

She called me over to gawk at just how many there were. And after the fascination wore off, Liz had to walk away as there were just too many of them. Our soil, it seems, is crawling with these guys. More than seems normal.

Later, when we were talking and wondering about why this might be… I couldn’t help but chuckle, remembering Bob’s comment of “Here’s another piece of grandma.”

The front lawn, a little worse for wear after winter.

A lot of the flowers Liz had planted in fall, are now starting to appear.

In particular, the hydrangeas. The one on the right we’ve named “Mr. Falls-A-Lot.””

Liz in back, getting some plants ready to be moved to the front.

Single Day Front Yard Transformation: Before and After Photos

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