Putting Mulch Down in the Front Yard

Liz spent a lot of the afternoon, working on cleaning up the front yard. While she did a little bit of work on Friday, today was the super-intense cleanup day.

Around 2:30PM, I suited up and joined her outside to help with the mulch. We saw that there was some rain expected around 4PM, and so we decided to race the weather.

Liz, spreading out some new mulch.

A small little area, between the driveway and the front steps. It’s amazing how just a little mulch makes this small area look so much nicer.

And having a small rabbit doesn’t hurt things, either.

The front yard, covered over.

Rain started to fall down on us a we were working, but it was a light drizzle. For maybe 30-40 minutes, we were working while drops were falling… but it was never overly bad.

On getting done, we both cracked a beer, and sat on the steps as the rain continued to lightly come down. Instead of a muted, dry brown – the lawn looks very revitalized with the mulch. And the green plants pop out more, against the dark.

We had some older bags we’ve been storing in the house over the winter, which got dry – resulting in a lighter color. But the rain seemed to even everything out in the yard, and things are looking cleaner and healthier once more.

Hello, Spring.

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Liz, Working on the Front Yard

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