Friday After Work: Hanging Out in the Front Yard

On Friday after work, Liz and I spent a good while just sitting on the front steps and hanging out by our front yard. In my hands is a beer that I budgeted for, earlier on in the morning.

It was nice to just sit and enjoy the weather, as well as our front yard. With the flowers all coming in, it’s quite lovely. It was also nice to hear a compliment or two, from neighbors as they walked by (and to secretly watch them, to see if they stared or lingered at the yard).

One woman told us how nice the yard was, and both Liz and I said “Thank you,” in response. After this, Liz looked at me and asked “Why are you saying ‘Thank You,'” and I replied “I don’t know.”

Here’s thing with some of the flowers that have come up: the tulips in particular are really big! On just a casual glance, the yard has a lot of color. But once you start staring at the tulips, Liz pointed out to me just how large/tall they actually are. And they’re huge!

This photo still doesn’t do the flowers justice. They’re pretty humongo.

I guess the soil in our yard is pretty good, given what it was like, before. I know we spotted a ton of earthworms in the patch of ground by the road, so we’re taking these healthy guys as a good sign.

Before heading in, we worked on calibrating Liz’s Fitbit some more. At the end of the day, we seem to have very different results in terms of total steps.

Yesterday, we measured our devices at the Metra stop, and then measured them again on the way home. I ended up walking .2 miles further than Liz did. And after measuring the distance on Google Maps, we determined that my Fitbit was measuring accurately and hers was not.

The solution is to adjust the length of Liz’s “stride,” but I’m not sure yet if we’ve solved this 100%. The tape measure in the driveway was our way of doing a few scientific calculations.

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