Backyard Sunday

Early in the morning (circa 10AM), I spotted this little guy, exploring the driveway.

After a full day working with the house (Liz was working on the front yard and I was installing AC units), we spent some time drinking beer and hanging out in the backyard.

It remains fun to imagine how the yard will be. But with each passing day, we marvel at how overgrown things are. The weeds and day lillies are one thing, but this wall of stuff is a whole different deal. I have no idea how they’re going to be clearing this mess out.

Silhouette selfie.

Liz, wandering over into the neighbor’s yard a bit.

A lovely photo of Liz, with our house in the background. Bit by bit, we’re making things better. I cannot wait until this backyard area is all cleaned up. I’m truly looking forward to inviting folks over to come and hang out. Can’t wait.

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