New Pieces of an Old Building for our Old House

On Friday, Julie trekked up from Frankfort to meet up with Liz, after getting an invitation to visit a seller’s wares at his house. A guy named Gabe shows up at the I-80 Flea Market, and his booth is one of her first stops, whenever she attends.

After they got to talking recently, she learned he lives in Hyde Park – and not too far from us! So he invited her to check out some of the items he had at his place, and Liz went along as well.

I got a call, a little later in the morning… telling me to expect a delivery. On arriving outside, I met Julie and Liz, as well as Gabe (and one of his sons) delivering the pieces.

There were a mixture of large and small elements – some of which we are keeping, and some of which are going back to Frankfort with Julie.

This piece, I’m delighted to say, is staying with us. It’s my favorite of the bunch.

These guys will end up somewhere outside – not sure exactly where yet, but I guess that’s to be determined. After all the pieces were delivered, we ended up spending the rest of the day just hanging out – going out for a late lunch on 53rd, and then dropping off the newly acquired pieces back in Frankfort later that evening.

Mother’s Day at the I-80 Flea Market (2012)
Mother’s Day at the I-80 Flea Market (2012)

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