Basement Bricks

It’s not much to look at, but this is the (non-functional) chimney in our basement. We have an awful lot of fireplaces in our house (three total), but the fireplace that this half of the chimney led to was removed at some point in time.

We decided that we’re going to create a doorway, and turn this into a little storage area – possibly a wine cellar.

Bob and Julie visited us today, and we talked at length about our plans for the fall. With the basement cleared and mostly clean, one thing we’re racing to do is to powerwash and epoxy the basement before the weather gets too cold (the epoxy cannot be applied near open flames, so we’d have to turn off the furnace and water heater for a few days).

Before we get to powerwashing though, it’s best if we tackled the chimney work here. Which involves cutting through the brick, and removing enough for a doorway. With the mess we’d make, we can include it in the powewashing process… better to do it now, rather than later.

As with all house-related things, one task typically implies a series of other pre-tasks.

I got to watch Bob start us off, in removing the intial bricks. And I’ve got some good instructions on how to best proceed with the removal. This looks to be another joint project that Liz and I will undertake, which hopefully we can get done in the coming week.

We’ve got a lot to finish up in the basement, but we’ve got a good list and I think both Liz and I are ready to roll up our sleeves once more. We’ve taken things easy with the weeks leading up to the vacation, and even now… we’re still settling back in to things. But with the holidays fast approaching, I think we’re going to see how much we can power through and get done, before the cold arrives once more.

Basement Clearing
Basement Demo, Jackhammer Edition

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