Basement Prep

Friday night, Liz and I put in more time in the basement. We were looking to get some powerwashing done this weekend, which means we needed to clear the basementfloor and also get as much done as we could with the chimney.

By the end of the night, Liz got all the debris from the chimney swept up and bagged.

She also hauled all the various brick pieces, relocating the whole ones to the back basement… and hauling some of the rest out to the yard.

Some more cleaning work, along the sides. Liz helped me out with the shop vac, as we used the grinder to cut in a bit more at the edges.

There’s still work to be done (that large section near the bottom is going to be fun). But we got enough finished that we felt in a good place for this weekend.

The powerwasher.

The basement, mostly cleared… with everything out of the way.

Another view (with stairs).

Cutting into the Chimney Bricks in the Basement
Adding Flowers, Removing Bricks: Sunday at Work in the Parkway and Basement

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