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Download a copy of the movie
Feel free to download a copy of the movie for yourself, or to share. The only thing I ask is that you not alter the movie in any way (specifically, the credits at the end). And hey - if you've got a blog and wouldn't mind dropping a link pointing visitors back to this site, well... that'd be pretty swell.

Download the High Resolution version (60 MB) - Right Click, Save As. I realize that this is a pretty hefty file, but there's a great deal more detail with each still. With this version you can literally slide the playhead around and explore the movie, frame by frame.

This version is what I originally intended to display, but it just ended up being too big to embed on the page. Get this version if you can - it's the way it was meant to be seen.

Download the low resolution version (27 MB). Grab this one if you must. The High Res version is a lot, lot better though.
BitTorrent Version
Well, I've officially created my first torrent! If you're familiar with Bit Torrent, and want to use that to downlaod the movie, I've posted the torrent on The Pirate Bay. Warning: there are some NSFW ads on the site.

If anyone else knows of any good tracker sites I should submit to, I'm all ears. This was the first one I found.
Problems Seeing the Movie?
The low-res version of the movie (the one embedded on this page) is a .mp4 file. If you're unable to see the movie, try grabbing the latest QuickTime player from Apple.

The player is free, and I think the movie really is worth all the hassle of updating, if you can't see it. Although... I realize that my opinion is a little biased here. :)
News and Updates
02.14.06: Hello Gapers Block!

02.12.06: Site officially launches! Yeah!

02.06.06: Exporting the #$%#^&@$% video. Again.

02.04.06: Domain name purchased. Woohoo!