Empathy, Theory of Mind, and the Loneliness of Umwelt


“If I want to reach you, all I can do is make impressions on the surface of your umwelt, like a hand pressing against a window. We communicate with each other, but to some degree, we will always communicate like astronauts, tapping helmets together to pass sound waves through our spacesuits.”


Hyperlapse: Timelapse App That Steadies Video, from Instagram


The effect is incredibly cool, but I suspect it’ll be a few short months before we’ll be inundated with commercials that utilize this effect. In fact, I was convinced that this effect would have gotten to us first via commercials… so I’m quite surprised to see this in the hands of consumers so quickly.


Code Day


Spent a lot of today working on a personal project (while at the same time, getting some practice in with AngularJS). While it wasn’t a flurry of productivity, I do feel good after having put in a pretty solid number of hours.


Bagster, Round 4


Over the weekend, Liz and I spent some time attending to the piles of debris that have accumulated in our backyard. Though it’s a more expensive option compared to an actual dumpster, we opted to yet again go with a Bagster bag, just for the ease.


Bob’s Custom Signpost – Delivery and Installation


Many months ago, Bob started on a side project where he was building a sign post for an old golf sign. Don, a friend of his, has a house that sits on the border of a golf course – and Don had gotten his hands on one of the old/original signs for one of the holes. But what he needed was a post large enough (and appropriate enough), to support the sign for his yard.


Clearing the Back Basement Walls


One thing we are focusing on is getting the back basement area prepped and ready. We’re going to be installing a new security door in back, and filling in the back half of the large hole we dug. If we can get this back area cleared and cleaned away, and the floor poured, we could technically have the back basement area done!


Russ and Sarah, Chicago Stopover


Liz and I arrived to see Jeff already seated, and chatting with Sarah and Russ. Well, I guess I didn’t see them at first – as we walked right by as I was scanning the room. A natural challenge, I think, when you mostly know someone through their online presence versus real life.


Kevin’s Bachelor Party


My old high school friend Kevin was in town this weekend for his bachelor party. It was a two day affair, and I ended up joining the group on Saturday for the second leg. I was trying to meet up with them during the afternoon, as there was talk of them possibly hitting up a beach or a local arcade.


Putting Down the Kitchen Floor


First piece down! We have strips of wood that were glued to the floor joists, and another layer of glue bonding the plywood with the strips. We used a nailer (powered by a pretty large compressor) to hold everything down. My first attempt at the nailer had me accidentally shooting out two nails at once. But after that small hiccup, I got the hang of how it works. Man, those things are powerful.