Swing and a Miss…


I don’t have as many reflections on accuracy and understanding as the last time. I just found this version kind if silly and funny. I didn’t notice it until hours later, but it seems that whoever wrote my name down tried to dot the “h.” Hysterical.


A Really Great Idea To Punish Bad Drivers That Has Numerous, Horrific, Unintended Consequences, But That I Would Like to See Implemented Anyways


The bullet isn’t a real bullet, in the cops and robbers definition. This bullet contains a special kind of paint, meant to adhere to a car’s metal exterior. This would enable drivers to “mark” another car by simply firing their gun at the offending vehicle. This paint would be designed to permanently stain the car exterior for 30 days, at which time it would slowly fade.


Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work


The “In Memoriam” segment came on – a portion of the awards where they remember those who worked in the movie industry who passed away, the year prior. I happened to have Twitter open during this time, and several people posted their surprise when the segment ended and there was no mention of Joan Rivers.


Why We Love Repetition in Music


“Repetition can actually shift your perceptual circuitry such that the segment of sound is heard as music: not thought about as similar to music, or contemplated in reference to music, but actually experienced as if the words were being sung.”


Change and Front End Development


Even now, writing this, I struggle with defining myself as a developer. I work with code, but I still don’t feel like I’ve earned the title developer yet. I still feel far away from that designation.


The McKinnon Account: An Experimental Short Story Told Over Email (and Time)


“This is a small experiment in creating something that feels immersive and real-time, but doesn’t require nor allow any true interaction. I have a theory that people want to feel the emotional texture of having performed influential tasks in a story or game, but mostly don’t want to do the actual work. So: completely passive but it feels like something interactive.”


Laura Veirs: Jailhouse Fire


It’s been a long while since I’ve encountered a song that uses the word “fire” as its main rhyme. Veirs pulls it off well, where you don’t really fixate a lot on the word – and it comes up both naturally and quickly in the song.


Chicago Cabbies Refusing to Pick Up Passengers Today From 6AM – 10AM, Protesting Uber


Will that be a good thing for cabbies? Or will it backfire, as I don’t get the sense that the general public reserves much good will for the industry. I don’t take cabs nearly as much as I used to, but I’ve had a mixture of experiences – some good, a few bad. And the bad tend to stick out. To this day, I’m still wary of cabbies telling me that their credit card reader is “broken,” and they can’t accept cards.


Warming the House with a Large Blanket


The curtain comes courtesy of Meg, and Liz put it up in an effort to help retain some of the heat on our first floor. A lot of the heat coming up just rushes up the stairs into the second floor, and this curtain actually helps keep things a little warmer downstairs.