Upcoming Speaking Event: 20×2 Chicago, How Do You Do?


I’ve had the privilege of participating in all of the Chicago versions of 20×2, and I’ve had a blast every single time. The participants are always drawn from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, and you never know what to expect: some folks will do presentations, some will perform songs, you never know what you might see.


Kitchen Planning


It was great to see Bob working in Autocad, laying out a rough plan for where things should go. With the bulk of our work focused on cleaning and demo, it was exhilarating to think about future stuff – to think on the creating the new, instead of removing the old. I know that Liz in particular was very excited/happy afterwards.


The Fix is Not the Solution


It was funny to encounter this the very first time: it showed a certain kind of doggedness, a certain kind of determination. But I’ve seen these buckets multiple times since – and they seem to have been growing in number, the past few months.


Hozier: Take Me To Church


Sadly, I don’t think I have the same affection for the other songs in the album. But it’s possible that I haven’t really given those songs much of a chance either, as I’ve been looping the first two songs so much. Maybe in another month or two, I’ll have moved on a little more.


The Definitive History of the West Wing


“It’s the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. Every now and then I’ll see an episode somewhere and I’m just intrigued by it. We actually did that and I was actually a part of it! I think it came at a time and it occupied a space that it might not have been possible to do before or since.”




There were a lot of elements that were standard to action thrillers. But there were also a lot of unexpected twists/moves that deviated from what I was expecting from a standard thriller movie. The dialogue was really great, and it wasn’t until much later that I realized it was written by David Mamet (no wonder).


Hyde Park Used Book Sale


There were clearly marked sections, based on subject matter. So there was clearly some organization prior to the sale, as far as grouping and sorting out the books. But part of the feel of the event made me think it was kind of a “free for all,” which I guess is the case at sales like this. And part of the attraction, I suppose.


On Toys and Disposable Income


I work across the street from a Target, and a few days ago… I found myself walking by the toy section. It struck me that, as an adult, I had a fairly decent amount of disposable income. And as I moved along the outer row of the toy section, I started checking out the various Nerf-related guns for sale.


JVO + BBQ: Car Con Carne, on Kickstarter


My friend James has a fun, new project called Car Con Carne, which is described as “the world’s only barbecue podcast recorded in a car.” Along with his friend Mike Bratton, the two of them drive to various BBQ restaurants, get takeout, and then proceed to eat (and talk) in the car. They also bring along a guest in the back seat, and sometimes get the restaurant owners to come out for an interview.


Street Lamp


Last week, I happened across a lamp just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk in downtown Chicago. I’m used to seeing old things at the curb in the neighborhoods, but seeing this smack in the city (unattended) was interesting enough that it made me pause.