Kitchen Demo, Continued


Thankfully, the wire mesh is almost all gone now. The side of the kitchen has been removed of all mesh, plaster, and wooden lathes. The ceiling is all clear save one strip of wire mesh, containing the overhead light. I just now have one half of the back wall to demo (plus a decent amount of clean-up to do), and all the demo in the kitchen should be completed.


Saintseneca: Bloodbath


In a lot of the songs on this album, there’s a very interesting shift between tempos – a slow, single voice that shifts into the whole band singing, all instruments blaring. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I liked the group or not, but after a few listens they’ve definitely grown on me. So much so to the point where I’m now listening to this album nonstop.


A Surprise Below Our Feet


The tongue and groove layer is all southern yellow pine, according to Bob. And you should have seen the way his eyes lit up, when he talked about this. Apparently, it’s completely un-treated southern yellow pine. Which would make it ideal material for other elements of the house (rosettes, trim) or even other projects entirely.


A Temporary Workspace


So far, I’ve had my computer set up in the back bedroom – and it’s been nice to have a place to go that isn’t either the bed or the dining room table. For Liz though, she hasn’t had her own space until now.


A New Old Bird Bath


As we were discussing things we could do with the yard (probably next year), we decided to take an old bird bath and place it back in the yard. There’s a small bit of cement in the middle of the yard, where it possibly may have resided before we moved in.


Copeland: Ordinary


I don’t really know this group, but on hearing this song… it just kind of locked itself into my brain for the past day or so. I’ve had it on loop for a few hours each day, and there’s something about the sound of the vocals – whatever that effect is – that just is very pleasing to me.


Train Graffiti


From time to time, there are large freight trains that kind of just “sit” at the 53rd street Metra stop. I don’t know if they’re paused here momentarily, but on occasion they seem to be here for a few hours (in my mind, the driver’s thrown on some blinkers, and has stopped off for lunch somewhere nearby).


Slow Morning, Long Day


From time to time, I’d see the holes in the fingers and became a little proud at their wear. I was reminded of an old fairy-tale: East of the Sun, West of the Moon. In the story, the main character goes in search of a prince in a far away land, somewhere “east of the sun, west of the moon.” In order to get there, one of the things she must do is to wear out seven pairs of iron shoes.


Backyard Tree Removal: Before and After Photos


One in particular was this massive guy, protruding from our yard and hovering well over in the neighbor’s yard. It’s hard to really do justice to the scale of the thing, but on first seeing it… Liz and I were both concerned regarding the potential damage it might do to the neighbor’s house (and ours).