Squares, Rectangles, and Doors


Spotted this door on my walk to work this morning. The temporary wooden door (with stuffing where the handle should be) is what caught my eye initially. But as I looked more, I started seeing a whole host of squares and rectangles surrounding the entrance.


Wow, 40 – That’s Really Old to Oh Crap Wait I’m 40


While I was waiting to get my second round of prescriptions at the pharmacy, I spotted a sign that they require identification from anyone under 40. My first reaction was: wow, that’s super old. And then a split second later, I had the stark realization that waitaminute, I’m 40 years old.


The Space Between Projects: Relaxation, Contemplation, and an Inability to Stay Still


But it’s a weird feeling I have now. I have extra time, and what seems like extra brain cycles that aren’t being utilized. I’ve tried relaxing a bit – watching a few movies here and there. I’ve been playing Hearthstone more lately. But despite my wanting to take a break, I’m feeling… itchy. Impatient. I feel like I’m sitting still, and I don’t like it.


Brushing My Teeth Like a Crazy Person


Oddly, I’ve found that brushing my teeth sometimes helps. Perhaps this is due to the act getting the blood circulating more in the affected area. But it seems that once an hour or so, I’m back in the bathroom cleaning my teeth like someone with OCD.


Sleep, Interrupted


This “developmental cyst” that I have (and its subsequent infection) has really put me out of commission the last few days. I’ve been unable to concentrate, and mostly unable to even relax. The pain/discomfort is ever-present, and only in a few instances has it abated enough to where I could really focus on something besides the discomfort.


A Day of Clinics


Though Dr. Heath had some suspicious as to what this might be, he told me that none of the potential causes was “frightening.” Which is good, because in my head I was concocting up a whole slew of possible things (and all of them were frightening).


A Pain in the Neck


Liz rubbed my neck and back a little bit, and I just let it be. The next day, the issue seemed to continue – and wasn’t any better. In fact, the back of my neck was very tender (and hot) to the touch. Taking a shower this morning seemed to help, but it was about the same all day.


A Balanced Diet


Last night, Liz and I trekked to Merrillville, IN, to celebrate Julie’s birthday with a surprise dinner. We left the city earlier than normal, to try to beat the rush-hour traffic, and ended up making great time. We arrived about an hour ahead of schedule, so we hit a nearby Meijer to do some shopping.


Upcoming Speaking Event: 20×2 Chicago, How Do You Do?


I’ve had the privilege of participating in all of the Chicago versions of 20×2, and I’ve had a blast every single time. The participants are always drawn from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, and you never know what to expect: some folks will do presentations, some will perform songs, you never know what you might see.


Kitchen Planning


It was great to see Bob working in Autocad, laying out a rough plan for where things should go. With the bulk of our work focused on cleaning and demo, it was exhilarating to think about future stuff – to think on the creating the new, instead of removing the old. I know that Liz in particular was very excited/happy afterwards.