Basement Night


Spent two hours last night, working in the basement. This second wall of bricks is coming down much faster, as there seem to be fewer “full” bricks, and fewer bricks overall. At a few points, I took to pounding out the bricks directly, versus chiseling the mortar, which helped speed things along.


Network Effect: Your Time Here is Limited


“The videos activate our voyeurism, the sound recordings tempt us with secrets, and the data promises a kind of omniscience, but all of it is a mirage — there is no one here to watch, there is no secret to find, and the data, which seems to be so important, is actually absurd. In this sense, the project mirrors the experience of browsing the web – full of tantalizing potential, but ultimately empty of life.”


Inside, Outside: Work on the Basement and Parkway


I slowly discovered that hitting the chisel on an angle made things easier. As did brushing out all the debris before each set of blows. I also got to learn how to chisel away exposed mortar much faster… and to also use the chisel as a lever, to further loosen (and in some cases pry out) bricks.


Cutting into the Chimney Bricks in the Basement


It’s hard to see – but just inside each of the cut lines, there’s a small chisel mark. I added these per Bob’s instructions, on bricks that overlapped the cut line. As I understand it, these cuts help introduce a point of weakness prior to the cut line, to lessen the chance of the bricks breaking at a point past the cut line. Not a guarantee, but something to help minimize the chance of that happening.


Basement Bricks


I got to watch Bob start us off, in removing the intial bricks. And I’ve got some good instructions on how to best proceed with the removal. This looks to be another joint project that Liz and I will undertake, which hopefully we can get done in the coming week.


Loop Link Construction


While walking to work this morning, I spotted two welders working on a new bus shelter on Madison. I’ve seen the ongoing construction along both Madison and Washington this year, but didn’t really know much about the Loop Link until I looked it up this afternoon.


Amos Lee: Arms of a Woman


While we were overseas, it became habitual to always check to make sure we weren’t using too much bandwidth on our phones. We got a package from our phone provider to cover a certain amount during our travels, but the only reason we kept under the amount was through an almost obsessive amount of WiFi checking and turning on/off.