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Phineas, Back on the Meds


Last week, Liz took Phineas in to the vet as he was appearing listless and uninterested in food. Usually, this is a sign that stasis might be setting in – and something may be blocked in their system.


Quincy and Phineas, Free to Roam


Last night, after dinner, Liz decided to let the rabbits out of their pen area so they could roam around a bit more. Our house is still pretty messy, and there are lots of areas where we’re trying to keep the buns away from… but we were able to cordon off the main room and the stairs, allowing them to explore just a bit.


The Bunny Rabbits Are Home!


Tonight, after many, many months away… I’m happy to say that Phineas and Quincy are back home with us again. We were concerned that the state of construction at the house would be too much for their systems (lots of dust and particles in the air), so we kept them away while the bulk of the demo work has been going on.


Many Medications


Since the rabbits came back from their vet visit last week, they’re on a few more medications (for a brief while). Though the mornings aren’t so bad, the evenings end up being an involved process where we have several different meds to line up for each bun.


Everyone, Meet Phineas


We’re happy to announce our newest family member: Phineas. We met him when we were at Red Door Animal Shelter, on the lookout for a new friend for Quincy. When we met Phineas (originally called “Cowboy”), Liz and I both fell for him right away – he was curious, inquisitive, and not shy at all about hopping in your lap for some pets/attention.


Discovering a Warren of Baby Rabbits in the Backyard, Frankfort, IL


In Frankfort, while visiting Bob and Julie… Liz and I got to see something pretty cool. Out in the backyard, Julie showed us a small patch of ground by one of her bushes. There was a small patch of ground that was pulsing a little, moving around every so often. I didn’t know what was going on, but Liz (with a lot of hesitation) started to peel back the ground a little bit… and this is what we saw:


Baxter and Quincy Explore the Outdoors for the First Time


We spent Thanksgiving in Frankfort with Julie and Bob, and since we were there for a few days… we ended up bringing Baxter and Quincy along. There was a warm room in the basement where Julie has her plants, and so that ended up being the perfect spot for them. But before we transferred them inside, it was warm enough that we decided to give them a bit of time outside, in the yard.


Bunny IQ Treat Ball


Yesterday, Liz got a bunny IQ treat ball for our rabbits, Baxter and Quincy.

In the bottom of the ball, you place a bunch of treats. There’s a middle partition that has an adjustable opening (kind of like a “difficulty” setting), and then a final opening on the outer covering. With the toy positioned correctly, treats should fall out.


This is How We Use Phone Books


Last week, I noticed there were several phone books lined up outside our front door. As we were heading to work, Liz turned to me and said “Don’t forget to bring one upstairs, when you get home.”

At first, I was taken aback. Why would we need a phone book? It’s not like we ever use them. Maybe she wanted me to bring one upstairs so that we could help eliminate the mess at our doorstep? So we could recycle it?