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Train Graffiti


From time to time, there are large freight trains that kind of just “sit” at the 53rd street Metra stop. I don’t know if they’re paused here momentarily, but on occasion they seem to be here for a few hours (in my mind, the driver’s thrown on some blinkers, and has stopped off for lunch somewhere nearby).


Well, I Guess It’s Close Enough


This morning, I decided to splurge a little bit and went to Starbucks for a coffee. Since I ordered a latte, they asked me for my name. On arriving back at my desk, I noticed they had gotten my name wrong. Swing and a miss, folks.


CTA Blue Line Trains Without Power at Logan Square


This morning, on our way to work, Liz and I ran into a delay on the Blue Line. Normally, these aren’t any big deal (delays happen all the time, and the lines usually pick up fairly quickly). But today was different. In addition to the platform being packed, both the North and South-bound trains were sitting at the Logan Square stop… and both trains looked to be completely devoid of power.


Random Art Project


After I caught up with her, I got her to agree for a closer photo. She told me this was for a project for class, but that’s all the details I got. I wanted to press further, but she didn’t seem all that interested in talking to a total stranger (understandable), so I just said thanks and went about my morning.


I Wish You Luck


It’s unfortunate that the alley near Milwaukee/Logan tends to get this kind of graffiti. But it’s often a little better than just indiscriminate tagging – as the graffiti almost feels like a conversation: sometimes an accusation, sometimes advice. Although who these words might be between, or who these words might be intended for is kind of a mystery.


Car with Giant, Pink Moustache – Logan Square


On the way to work Monday morning, I happened to look up at the Logan/Milwaukee intersection and spotted a flash of pink. I was able to hand LLiz my umbrella as I fumbled for my camera, wanting to document this odd sight: a car sporting an incredibly large, and incredibly pink moustache on its grill.


The Dude Abides


Spotted this guy downtown on Friday morning. Looking at his profile from the back, I imagined him to be some kind of drug runner, given the pony tail and shirt. But it was that bag – the faded, leather bag at his side. I mean, look at that thing! Doesn’t that scream Hey, I’m going to make a quick dropoff…


Heavy Rains Trigger Balcony Collapse, Logan Square


While walking to work this morning, Liz and I were strolling along Logan Boulevard when we heard this terrific crash across the street – it was a loud and sudden sound, a huge *thump* that clearly had come from something very heavy.

I scanned across the boulevard, but didn’t see anything immediately. Liz, with her sharp eyes, spotted a building whose front balcony had partially collapsed.