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Vintage Chicago Crime


A very interesting photo gallery of notorious Chicago criminals and crime scenes, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. Pictured above is John Dillinger sitting in a Crown Point, Indiana courtroom in February of 1934. A few weeks later, on March 3rd, he would escape jail using a fake gun.


Bob Mazzer: Photos of the London Underground in the 1980’s


“For a while in the eighties, I lived with my father in Manor House and worked as a projectionist at a porn cinema in Kings Cross. It was called The Office Cinema, so guys could call their wives and say, ‘I’m still at the office,'” recalled Bob affectionately. “Every day, I travelled to Kings Cross and back. Coming home late at night, it was like a party and I felt the tube was mine and I was there to take pictures.”


Finding Vivian Maier – Trailer


Living across the street from an auction house, John Maloof ended up purchasing a box full of negatives for $380. From there, he discovered the work of Vivian Maier and began trying to unravel who she was – her history, and her passion for photography.


3 Years, 3 Minutes


Looking at this again, after nearly 6 years… it’s a shame the quality is so terrible. I doubt this video means all that much to anyone else, but it’s a lot of fun for me to watch it in one go… seeing all the various events and things I experienced. Surprising to me how many things are actually documented somewhere, on the blog.


Questions About Processing Old Kodachrome Movie Film


A few days ago, Liz and I went to Wolff’s Flea Market over the Labor Day weekend. There, I happened across three reels of old movie film, and decided to buy them for $1 apiece.

I later learned from Alex that the film I got was Kodachrome, a type of film that is no longer processed. There was one place in Parsons, Kansas (Dwayne’s Photo), that used to do all the developing work (even Kodak outsourced their lab work to these guys)… but Dwayne’s processed their last roll of Kodachrome on December 30th, 2010.