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This Saturday: I’ll Be Presenting at 20×2 Chicago!


For those unfamiliar with the event, it gathers 20 creatives together and tasks each of them to answer the same question in 2 minutes or less. Participants can answer the question however they like (some people do presentations, some sing songs, others read poems) – so long as they stick to the 2 minute or less requirement.


Paris in 3 Minutes: Hyperlapse Video


It is very immersive, and at times the video seemingly pulls you into a building only to them propel you away. Many parts are quite frenetic and fast-paced, which is actually the exact opposite of how I view Paris.


Exploring Periscope


I will say though that the videos kind of do inspire me to want to say something silly or something quick. I’m not sure why that is, but from a viewer’s perspective… watching someone else’s video kind of makes you want to chime in. Even if it is a video of them just going through their fridge.


Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work


The “In Memoriam” segment came on – a portion of the awards where they remember those who worked in the movie industry who passed away, the year prior. I happened to have Twitter open during this time, and several people posted their surprise when the segment ended and there was no mention of Joan Rivers.


A Bird’s Eye View of Chicago in Winter


It’s interesting to see spots I recognize from a different point of view (the slow shot over Adler is really one of my favorites, with the vent coming out of the top). It’s amazing to me the kind of footage/views that one can get nowadays with drones, that seemed to previously be only available to people with helicopters.


Underviewed: Searching YouTube Using Default Video File Names


Most every camera or mobile device uses some kind of default naming convention (iPhone: IMG_1234.MOV, GoPro: GOPR1234.MP4). This site searches YouTube for those default file names, and serves up videos that have a low number of views. Because these videos still retain their default file names as titles, it’s unlikely that they’ve shown up in any searches. And it’s very likely these videos haven’t been seen by all that many people.


Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: Where Are We?


For my presentation, I answered the question of “Where Are We” by trying to track down all the different Felix Jungs out there in the world, using Facebook. My original goal was to gather as much information as I could on each Felix – and make a presentation on the similarities and differences within our lives.