Ten Best Days: 2002 – 2014

The idea for keeping a “Best Ten Days” list came from Alex, who first mentioned the idea when he and I were hanging out in Chinatown in 2003. At the time, I had just started the blog, and Alex mentioned how I was uniquely able to look back on an entire year, and determine which days were good, and which ones were bad.

And just like that, while chatting in a Chinese bakery, the “Ten Best Days” list was born.

Originally, I started posting the list right around the blog’s start date, near the beginning of July. A result was that for some of the earlier lists, they spill over more than one year. Moving forward, my goal is to review each year as a whole.

As I was creating the list for 2008, I decided that hunting for these lists would be a huge hassle. It made sense to bring everything together in one place, and to carve out a separate section on the site.

I invite you to stop in and to browse around a bit. And whenever it is that you find this and arrive here, I’m hoping you’re having a good day.

Ten Best Days, 2014

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Ten Best Days, 2005

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