Matthew Motivates Portnoy into Writing

Matt: I’ve decided not to talk to you until you send me a poem. I figure that kind of threat would get the words pouring out. ;)
Portnoy: Doesn’t this message automatically negate your threat?
Matt: I’m still not talking to you.
Portnoy: Got a favor to ask
Matt: Hit me, bitch.
Portnoy: Can I get a copy (electronic) of Bill Matthews’ “Masterful” ?
Matt: oh, of course. some of us were just talking about the poem the other night, obiviously! “sweet ferocity of excellence!” “I’m the best fucking hitter in baseball!”
Matt: did you see Kenneth Koch died?
Portnoy: No – I totally missed that one.
Matt: Just happened the other day. Good obit NY times you can get to through news section.
Matt: btw, im looking for my book w/Masterful
Matt: I can’t seem to find the book. Hmmm… I know it’s here somewhere. I might have to get back to you on that one until I can find the damn book. Hrmmm… you don’t happen to own the Poulin editted Contempory American Poetry book?
Portnoy: Yes I’ve got that, and know it’s in there. Just wanted a copy here at work.
Matt: Oh. Well, hang on. I’ve got to have it. Whore.
Portnoy: Dude – don’t worry about it. I’ll be home in a few hours.
Portnoy: It’s not a critical thing.
Matt: Honey, I want to find it for you now.
Portnoy: You’re doing an awful lot of talking for someone who’s not talking to me.
Matt: look whose doing an awful lot of typing for someone who doesn’t have time to type a poem.
Portnoy: rofl
Matt: Dude, I’ve looked high and low and i can’t find it.
Matt: Damnit.
Matt: I really wanted to read it now.
Portnoy: Sorry – I tried looking on the web, and came up with zilch.
Matt: me too. should have figured you already looked. I found a portion of it.
Portnoy: Yeah, it’s always nice to use “fucking” as a search term on Google.
Matt: I’m going to give the apt. one last pass. Then I must nap. 3 hrs sleep and 8 hrs with the kiddies ain’t as tasty as it ought to be.
Portnoy: Don’t worry yourself abuot it. Get some rest – you need your sleep.
Matt: Screw you.
Matt: Should be getting it.
Matt: You get it? Dude, if you don’t write a poem soon I’m going to crap in an envelop and mail it to you and then get arrested for mailing you crap. Who wants that?
Portnoy: sweet – just got it
Portnoy: thank ya.
Portnoy: Will get something soon. Promise.
Matt: Good, cause I got a big load brewing if you don’t.
Portnoy: Thank you for the motivation.

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