Strange Library Coincidences

My friend Kevin and Camelia were visiting Chicago last night. Chalk more points up for the newer, more social Portnoy! We all were at my friend Justin’s house (I’d provide a link, but he doesn’t have a portfolio up yet, the bastage) and ordered Thai food.

I met Kevin through mutual friends, back in Bloomington, Indiana. I was (and still am) a big fan of his work with

Chive (featuring Stephanie McCormick)
Java (featuring Mike Kmiecik)

I’ve met Camelia (sp?) a few times, but don’t really know her as well as Kevin. She’s incredibly nice, super sharp, and I hope to hang out with her more in the future.

Last night, I met (or remet, I should say) someone that I used to work with. Caitlin (don’t know her last name) and I were working as Library pages at the Monroe County Public Library. Imagine that! It was one of those "Hey… I think I know you, and I’m sure we’ve met before" type of moments. Pretty neat! And it was almost seven years ago! God, I’m old. She was incredibly cute, but… her boyfriend Devon (sp?) was also incredibly cool. He and I talked Library Science for a while, and got along (I would like to believe) smashingly.

At times, the gods are generous with their gifts; but nothing says those gifts are what you expect them to be.

For a while, Alex was using my digital camera a lot. At first, I got somewhat annoyed. Partly it was because I didn’t feel like everyone else was digging him taking closeup shots- the flash going off, constantly. And then – suddenly, I realized what it was. I was jealous! He was taking pictures, knew which settings to use for indoor lighting, etc… and I was experiencing jealousy! Towards a piece of electronic equipment!

Man, I’ve got issues. No wonder I haven’t had a date in ages.

Throughout the night, we talked about our nicknames through the years. We also got into "pet names," where the couples present talked about what they called one another privately. We came upon the consensus that names like "Love Nugget" and "Love Monkey" hold one simple rule: The word "Love" in front of anything, makes the name ok.

We then started to come up with silly variations. "Love Muffin." "Love Buggy." "Love Noodle."

I won with the name "Love Audit."

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