My Apartment Looks Like an Asylum

There’s absolutely nothing on the walls here. I’ve got two rather nice bookshelves, but as far as any kind of artwork, photography… it’s just blank emptiness. Today at work, I decided to walk down to an art/print store, to see what wares they had on display. I found a few interesting looking "World’s Fair Chicago" type posters, but they seemed rather hefty at around $30. I found one cool French type poster, with what appeared to be an Absinthe-esque Green Fairy that I liked. I also found a neat print of the blueprints of the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m not sure about how expensive/reasonable this place is. I got pricing for a dryboard type of mounting (along with anti-UV protectant and some other color preservative thingamajiggy) for around $40.

My gut tells me it’s steep, especially since this is in the heart of the suburbs, in downtown Barrington. But the girl who helped me today was kinda cute, and I’m tempted to go back and throw money down just to talk to her again.

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