Late Night, Late Morning

Melissa arrives! We meet, shake hands, and start chatting about her trip. As we walk down to the luggage carousel, we’re both sorta taking stock of one another. It’s a bit weird at first, as we’re essentially two complete strangers. The talk goes over the usual topics, the boards, WH folk, and whatnot.

On the blueline train back into the city, we compare digital cameras. Nerds! She shows me a few pics she took at ComiCon, which totally rock. There was an exhibit that was a full-size version of Moe’s Tavern. A shot of Elvira. Ghouls and awesome special effects pics. Neat stuff.

When we get back to the apartment, we spend a good while just talking, about our interests, about our offline lives, and of course… about were-here.

We sit at the table, and I open a bottle of Jim Beam around 3:45 AM. NOT THE SMARTEST THING TO DO, GIVEN THAT WE’RE TO BE IN KENOSHA, WI IN ALMOST 12 HOURS.

By the end of the night, Melissa’s in the bathroom, and is not faring well. She is very glad I spent my day cleaning.

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