Gallery Closing

Rob and Jake are having a closing party for their work tonight. Since I passed out and missed the opening, I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss this. All in all, a very cool evening. Jake and Rob both spoke about their work, combining speech, poetry, music, you name it. I saw a good number of people I haven’t seen in ages, due directly to my hibernation the past few months. I saw my friend Stu for the first time in almost 2 months. Seriously.

Stu got a moped. Or scooter. Or whatever. I didn’t really see him as a scooter-guy, but you know what? He pulls it off. Somehow. Just like he pulls off those blue fucking suede shoes.

The walkway in front of the gallery (Lobotomy).

Beer tastes better when it’s served to you by a 5 year old. Don’t ask me why, but it does.

Interior shot of the crowd. Lobotomy is a nice space.

Jake talks about his process.

Jake, right before breaking out into song.

One of Jake’s pieces that I like a great deal.

Rob’s painting, which I really dig.

The camera got passed around a great deal, and several people were taking photos. This is the one drawback with having photographer friends… they take better pictures than you. :)

This is a nice picture of Elissa and Alex. Stu’s photo, I believe.

I was staring at the cute girl in the red, and almost missed seeing Stu’s image in the mirror. The shoes are a dead giveaway.

This is that 5 year old bartender, painting outside the gallery. He’s working on his third picture, I think. My friend Justin gave him $3 for an earlier painting, which was pretty good, truth be told.

Kent and Christine gave me a lift home, somewhat early. I had to wake up early Saturday, as my coworker Dave was coming to help me throw up some shelving (bright and early, at 8 AM).

They’ve moved really close to me, and I still hadn’t seen their place yet. This is how long I’ve been a recluse. I went to their apartment with them, and got the tour (it’s gorgeous). This is a shot of Kent’s studio upstairs, with all his metalworking tools.

A nice display of some of Kent’s creations. He makes some wicked, wicked shit.

The nice thing about artistic friends who work in other disciplines… they’re constantly motivating you to do more.

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