Divorce Went Rather Well

I’ve got this weird thing about walking around at night. I don’t like doing it. I’m not sure where this comes from, but it’s been with me as long as I can remember. Maybe the movies have leached themselves too heavily into my subconscious. Maybe it has something to do with living in Indiana and Columbus, where random people would drive by in cars and yell out racial slurs. I’ve just never felt very comfortable walking around at night.

But last night, I decide to do it. Partly to get over this hangup and also because I feel it will prevent me from leaving the party too early (if I drove, it would be easier to leave). I walked to the party, stopping to look at a few store windows and just took my time. It felt better to be on foot, and I was happy I decided to hoof it. One bonus for not having any money, I guess. I charged a 12-pack of Bass, and made me way to the festivities.

Alex and Elissa, giving the camera their sexy "Why don’t you come on in" look.

And don’t forget the fridge is stuffed full with beer.

The backroom, dark and cozy… just how the smokers like it. I spent most of my night back in here, hanging out with folks. Much cooler than on the dance floor. Even though I’m not smoking anymore, I think I still prefer hanging out with smokers.

Jake, smiling big for the camera. That’s Jude next to him.

Ben, Stu and Jude watch Justin prepare Manhattans.

Living room, where folks were mingling and dancing a bit.

Kitchen. Man, I really do love their place. That’s Chris on the far right and Mike, with his back to us. I met the two of them, and we all got along smashingly.

This is what I love about having nerdy friends. At the height of the party, when everyone’s good and drunk and talkative… they bust out a book of friggin’ poetry. I didn’t really hear what they were reading, but after a while… Justin and Chris started poking fun of how goofy all the poets looked. Which, of course, makes sense. Anyone writing poems typically looks like a freak. :)

Kent and Ruth enter into a deadly game of "Stop Copying Me."

I didn’t make it until breakfast, but 2 AM seems reasonable. Instead of using my last $5 for a cab, I decide I’d rather have a burrito. I walk my way to Flash Taco, and meet this mess. It’s something like 2:30 AM, and the place is packed.

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