Playing Hooky in Chinatown

I decided to take the day off of work. Called in sick around 6 AM, and played hooky. Even though there was a good chance of rain, Melissa and I headed down to Chinatown to have lunch and to take pictures.

A quick shot of Chinatown, from the main entrance on Cermak.

Bamboo plants are considered very lucky. I’m still not sure why, but they are considered so – almost every shop has them for sale.

I like this shot. The umbrella makes it.
Midway, in Old Chinatown.

A supply store, where you can buy rice makers, woks and… wood carving equipment?
Pagoda in New Chinatown. The "new" part is north of what is considered "Old Chinatown." A lot of restaurants, shops, video stores, a bakery or two. The "New Chinatown" is walled off and, though there are some nice flourishes (like the pagodas), it still comes off like an open-air mall. "Old Chinatown" has more energy.
Pagoda, close-up.

You would think that there would be a bench or something at the top. But it’s inaccessible. :swear:
I’m not sure why I took this photo, but I like it.

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