Sex is Happening Everywhere Around Me, Part Two: The Sybaris Connection

Doing my bills this morning, and balancing the accounts. I’ve paid dearly for neglecting to keep on top of finances, and this morning was set aside to do just that. FUCKING hate it, but it’s got to be done. I always get so stressed out over money stuff.

As I’m reviewing my credit card statement, I see two charges that seem off to me. One is a $27 charge to someplace called Speed/SM; another is $485 for Sybaris Club. I stop and think about this. They’re both listed in Frankfort, IL… and that’s not ringing any bells. I keep thinking – I actually end up referring to my blog to see what I was doing that day (drinking with Jenny and almost burning my apartment down with pizza).

I do some more checking around, and am convinced I was nowhere near Frankfort and did not stay at a Sybaris resort. Believe you me – I would have loved to have done that, but seeing as I’ve been single since March… not likely. I’m not sure how my card number was used, if it was a mixup or if someone swiped my info. When I called Sybaris and asked them about the charge, the woman tried looking up the hotel guests list for me. My name was not listed anywhere, and for anything beyond a simple search… the credit card company needed to get involved.

After a lot of phone calls, I finally get my card terminated and a new one activated in its stead. Someone, apparently, had a pretty good fucking night (pardon the pun). Just wasn’t me.

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