Note to Self: When Girls Talk to You, Even Jokingly… Talk Back You Idiot

On my way back to the Blue Line at Clark and Lake, I stopped to take a few photos of the bridge and the Chicago River. There is a side Flash project (nonpaying) that I’m working on that is embarrassingly overdue… and I decided to grab a few images of the bridge for that. God, I feel awful – it’s been in the works for I don’t know how long, and I’ve let it slide.

This was very fun. I got to stop and relax a bit, take a bunch of shots on a remarkably sunny, good day. The bridge and walkway itself are rusted badly, and I’ve got a big fear of heights. You can literally see through some of the cracks on the bridge, all the way down to the water. And to top it off, as trucks and big vans drive across, the walkway shakes. Noticeably so. Everytime I cross that bridge, I tense up.

About halfway across the bridge, I stop to get a shot of some exposed metal and the water underneath. Three girls walk by and one of them says "Hey, take my picture!" Of course, they all laugh. But as they walk by, my head is cocked slightly, and I’m smiling at them out of the corner of my eye. They notice this, and break out into giggles.

There are a slew of witty replies that I could have made. I could have *gasp* yelled and offered to take their picture. Way to go there, genius.

Well, here are some pictures of the bridge. Sorry, no girls. Heh.

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