Hollywood Grill

Got a call from Alex and we had lunch at the Hollywood Grill. The food was alright, but nowhere was their hamburger platter worth $5.50. But we both really dug the diner coffee, and debated the reasons why diner coffee had its own distinct flavor/taste. Something to do with either the filter, or the containers… much like the same way cooking oil gets better over time, we figure the same laws apply to diner coffee.

Alex first, then me:

Alex and I had a nice conversation, and covered a good many topics. Somehow, we got onto overpopulation and debated that for almost half an hour. A fun lunch, and it was nice to get out of the apartment for a while. Afterwards, I was tempted to hang out with Alex some more and discuss photography, but decided on heading back here to do some work on the portfolio. As much as I’d like to relax, I have this nagging fear that I should be working on getting my crap in gear, getting files in order and ready to show.

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