The Word of the Day is: Cousin

Turns out, I just have a shitty phone. I called and spoke to Heather. She mentioned another "cousin" she had to take to the airport.

Cousin. Not husband. Cousin.


Don’t I just feel like a complete idiot now?

Unfortunately, when we talk, I find out that she was hit by a drunk driver almost two years ago. She’s been taking a lot of medication, and since she moved to Chicago… has run out. Her back wasn’t feeling well, and so she had to cancel tonight. That’s a pretty bad sign, in my mind.

But… her mom is visiting tomorrow, and after the visit she said she’d call. So hopefully, we’ll get a chance to hang out and grab drinks tomorrow night.

Alright. All this has made me reassess how I should be thinking now. Heather is cool, and incredibly nice. Drinks. Nothing more. Leave it at that, and just have fun talking and getting to know each other. There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Jebus. I’m really hoping she doesn’t read this now. I mean… I bet I come off like some kind of freak.

My friend Alex was surprised that I gave her the blog address. And only now, a day later, do I understand what he meant. It’s like I’m giving a complete stranger a wide open book about my thoughts for the past two months. That’s gotta be overwhelming.

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