I was going to add this image to the WH thread, but decided against it. It’s practice, and I don’t want to put it over in the Battle Dome. I know everything over there is for fun, and people just posting images back and forth for inspiration. But the idea of putting my images there, right now… is unsettling. Just the thought of posting there makes me feel substandard, and I hate that feeling. Call it obsessive compulsive, call it the raging competitive freak inside me, call it self-confidence issues.

Practice is pracitce. And that’s all well and good. But I’m suddenly not feeling like I want to show everyone my "practicing."

So why even post this image here? Believe me, I’m struggling right now to keep from deleting it.

This whole perfectionist issue is probably something that should be explored, in greater detail elsewhere. It’s a pretty big problem.

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