It’s Saturday… But, What Does That Mean Anymore?

With no context, I have little to make today seem any different. I wake up, I make coffee, I putz around on the computer. This morning was overcast, as it’s been for the past two days. Around noon, though, the sun’s broken through the clouds some more. It’s almost becoming a beautiful day. Nothing much to report here. Did some general cleaning around the apartment, swept, tried to clear things out of the way some.

I’ve spent a good while working on this image. And though I’m not totally happy with it (and it pales in comparison to most of the work I’ve seen on were-here… I’m satisfied for now. This image was in response to a thread started about music and design. Since I’ve been listening to Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones like it’s my friggin’ job, joining in this thread made sense. The point here is to make an image while listening to a song, and to draw inspiration from it. I’ve been looping this song nonstop (I shit you not) for almost a week now.

I’m not anywhere near where I’d like to be with Photoshop. But I guess the main thing is that I’m working with it, and practicing. I know it’s going to be many months of me churning out crappy images… it was like that with writing, and is the same process regardless of the medium. Difficulty at the beginning, and all that. I’m willing to pay my dues and work through the crappiness to get to a more competent level. But there’s nothing to say I have to like it.

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