Chicago, I Love You

Even this morning – walking to the train, I was filled with joy and happiness and a sense of self-worth, mingling with the crowds, pushing my way onto the train platform. Something about it made me feel a part of the city, doing my little bit to keep the factory lines moving. Not in a bad way – but in a positive sense… not necessarily a Captain of Industry, but someone working the bellows.

At my old job, I traveled to a remote location and disappeared into a sea of minivans and suburban lawns. Downtown, I’m in the heart of the beast, dwarfed by buildings everywhere I turn. There’s definitely a sense of awe that I’m experiencing now, that I did not have before.

As I left work, I took these shots: this is what I get to see, as I’m walking towards the trainride home. How much luckier can I get?

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