Nothing Ends the Day Quite Like UT

This was a short day today. I got in around 9:30 or so… and got a medium coffee at the Starbucks downstairs. Though I hate to go there, it’s the closest place (unless I decide to switch to Dunkin Donuts coffee). A chain… but whaddyagonnado?

I spent the morning watching Ben work through one of the few JHTML sites we have left, removing links to dynamic content. I took notes, asked questions, and figured out the various "patterns" I need to go through, the folders I need to check, etc etc. Though I’m still not solid on how the pages are working per se, I know enough of what I need to be watchful for to get started.

I work on my own after Ben’s training, and go through another site. I call him back to double-check my work and to ask some more questions. After we get these few sites updated, I switch over to a Flash project involving a "streaming" Flash postcard dealie, focusing on Ben Kweller. I know nothing of him, and have only seen tons of Internet ads with his mug on them. Will have to check that out.

While I can create what this project asks for fairly quickly… Ben’s thoughts (and mine) are that making it dynamic would cut down on future work. Ideally, I can make this thing flexible enough to where other stations can reuse it without much hassle (and without me recoding everything each time). A bit daunting, as there are several roadblocks I need to cross… but I’m hoping to spend a good portion of this week hashing things out.

Did I mention that I want to make a good impression at work? :)

Eh – who am I kidding? This will be fun for me.

Yeah, yeah. I know. I welcome your taunts of "Nerdboy." Taunt away.

At 3:00 PM, Ben and I load up Unreal Tournament. Turns out the station lets everyone out early on Fridays (or maybe it’s just Fridays that precede a holiday weekend). At any rate, 3 PM is the official "done with work" time. So Ben and I decide to play a few games:

The iMac isn’t great, but it suffices. The frame rate is a bit sluggish, and I’m nauseous by the time we finish… but it was a lot of fun. Ben’s good, especially since he claims to have not played in a long while. Though I won all our games today, I bet he’s going to be whipping me in a week or two.

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