A Little Work, Even Less Sleep

I was up until 3 AM or so, organizing those pictures and updating the blog. Started out a bit after midnight, and time sorta got away from me. Next thing I know, I’m talking to a few folks online and ka-BLAMMO! It’s 4 AM. By the time I say goodnight to everyone, it’s 4:30. I read for a while in bed and finally turn off the lights at 5 AM. I sleep for about an hour, an hour and a half. I wake up, go out to do a few errands and start work on that Flash project again.

Almost 9 PM now. I’ve spent all day fiddling with this thing, trying to make it work properly. I guess I’ve learned a lot today, but the day just shot by without me realizing. As a recap, keep in mind that this is Ben’s design – I’m just wiring the puppy up.

View it by clicking here. I tried embedding it here, but possibly because of the content – it wasn’t loading the images properly.

You’ll need to download the latest Flash Player if you can’t see the animation. If you find anything amiss, I’d greatly appreciate an e-mail. :)

The animation is pulling a lot of content dynamically. The artist’s name, the artist’s picture, the song graphic and the radio station logo… all those are jpg files, which Flash is calling and loading into movie clips. The mp3 is also being pulled in dynamically and "streams" through the Flash player.

The benefit to this is that anyone can now upload new images (of a new artist, new pictures, etc), along with a new mp3. All they have to do is keep the filenames the same, and it’ll still work. So, instead of making a ton of Flash movies for a ton of radio stations… this one file should, theoretically, do the trick.

A lot of this morning was spent trying to figure out why I couldn’t perform a simple command. I was trying to make a "pause" button that would remember the position of the playhead, and resume once the "play" button was clicked. Well, I checked and rechecked my code, tried variations, tested it in Flash and no luck. After some serious searching on WH, I discover that my approach was, indeed, correct. I just needed to test it with the browser.

I open Internet Explorer and test it there. And it works.

Also, if you look closely at the Q101 logo image (bottom right), you’ll notice that it’s a bit clipped. A pixel or two has been shaved off from the bottom, and from the right. Not sure why this is. I’ve tried a few workaround, but nothing’s seemed to totally fix it.

This has been my day. Little crap like this. At times, I wonder if this is the nature of the job – or if I’m just a slow worker. I can’t imagine anyone else spending this kind of time to get this thing working.

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